A man and woman who reportedly shoplifted at Walmart ended up wrecking their car as they tried to get away from police Nov. 12.

Sweetwater Police Officer Justin White said Det. Kevin Watson was flagged down by a Walmart manager who said a woman driving away had just stolen from the store.

Watson followed the car until a marked unit arrived, which was White who had his lights and siren on and saw the car turn onto Cleveland Road and accelerate at a high rate of speed toward Monroe Street.

Once it reached Monroe Street, White said, the car left the road and wrecked into some trees. Both people in the car then took off on foot.

A short time later, Officer John Brewster found one of the passengers, Bennie Parmelee, and brought him back to White. White read him his rights and asked him what had happened.

Parmelee said Mary Ruth Miller had asked him to help her pick up a mini bike from Walmart. He said they took the bike through self checkout, scanned something, then attempted to leave.

Parmelee said they were asked for a receipt and Miller began walking faster, ignoring the employee.

In the meantime, a K-9 unit was tracking Miller and found her, taking her into custody while biting her. She was also read her rights and she said she knew Watson had been behind her and then she saw White and decided to take off.

White said Miller did admit she took the bike.

Miller, 35, Highway 304, Ten Mile, was charged with burglary and felony evading arrest.

Parmelee, 54, Huff Bond Lane, Ten Mile, was charged with shoplifting and evading arrest.

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