A North Carolina man was arrested after he was found sitting naked in a truck parked outside of a Sweetwater hotel Oct. 5.

Sweetwater Police Officer Kurt Cannon said he went to the Economy Inn on the call and could see children playing near the truck the man was parked in.

Cannon said he spoke to the man, later identified as Joseph Davis, and Davis said “they” took his clothes and drugged his tea, though he didn’t specify who they were. He said they were still in there and pointed at a room. Cannon asked him to put his shorts on and step out of the truck.

Davis did this and Cannon said he was sweating profusely and behaving erratically. Cannon suspected Davis was under the influence of something, so he read him his rights and asked if officers could search the hotel room for the people he said were in there.

Davis said they could, but Cannon said no one was in the room, but a line of white powder was in plain view on the dresser.

Cannon asked Davis if he could search the truck and Davis said he could. In the truck, Cannon said he found a small container in a backpack that had three plastic baggies with a crystal-like substance in them. Cannon said it appeared the substance in the bag was Fentanyl.

Cannon said Davis was taken to Sweetwater Hospital for an evaluation.

Davis, 28, Snider Circle, Robbinsville, North Carolina, was charged with possession of Fentanyl, possession of meth, public intoxication and indecent exposure.

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