The Monroe County Chamber of Commerce is currently accepting applications for its Leadership Monroe educational course.

Leadership Monroe is a nine month program with class days being on the third Thursday of each month.

“The class members spend each date moving to different locations within Monroe County that coincide with that day’s theme,” Chamber President Brandy Gentry said. “We have different class days like state government, which is an overnight stay in Nashville and we meet with our legislators, museums, etc, then we have have county government, city government, education, health care, agriculture, tourism, economic development and community service which is with our non-profit organizations.”

Gentry believes this is a good way for people to see the work that goes on behind the scenes.

“You might get to see a new wing at the hospital that is just now getting built or get to see equipment you haven’t used or experience something that you haven’t before, so it gives you an inside view of Monroe County,” Gentry expressed. “On city and government day you get to see what makes us different and even see things you didn’t know or understand.”

The number of available spaces is limited to around 15 people for the Leadership Monroe class.

“This is important for people who are interested because you get to learn more about Monroe County and where you live,” she said. “We are trying to shape leaders in Monroe County so they network primarily within the group and they get to know each other better. We feel like leaders cannot be good leaders without knowing what assets we have in the county, the assets we are lacking in the county and just being able to come together with another group of people to have visions, class projects together and several lessons about exploring themselves and how they can be the best leaders.”

Another benefit to participating in Leadership Monroe is that interested people can see how fast things change.

“You may think you know how an organization works or they think they know how somebody operates or the details of them, they will learn that things change rapidly just like everything else in the world,” she noted.

The program has been around in Monroe County for years. Though they don’t know exactly how many years the program has been in place, Gentry has found records that date back to the 1970s.

The cost to participate in the program is $250 and people can sign up for the class by visiting their website at monroe

“This is a valuable program that we offer, so we are really excited to do this here at the chamber of commerce,” Gentry expressed. “We think this is one of our biggest assets.”

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