The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has arrested one brother in connection with a shooting incident June 5 and are still looking for the other brother.

Deputy Chris Ferree said he went to Red River Road around 11:30 p.m. that night and talked to a man who said around 11 p.m. a red Ford Focus driven by a woman he didn’t know pulled up to the house. He said two men then got out of the car, crossed a closed fence and he heard a gunshot.

The man told Ferree he went out on the porch and saw the two men were Joseph and Matthew Pike and they both had guns in their hands, one a rifle, the other a small pistol.

The man said he then started arguing with Joseph Pike over stolen property and Pike allegedly said he was going to kill the man for stealing from them. The man told them he was going to call the police.

The man said Matthew Pike then handed Joseph Pike the rifle so Joseph Pike had both guns. The man then turned to go back into his house and another man who was in the house came out and stood on the porch.

The second man told Ferree he watched the Pikes cross back over the closed fence and stand in the roadway.

He said Joseph Pike fired one of the weapons three times in his direction, but hit a light pole, with one bullet striking a truck in the driveway.

The second man said the Pike brothers then left.

Ferree said he collected two bullet cases from the scene, one inside the closed gate and the other at the edge of the roadway.

Joseph Pike, 31, Reagan Valley Road, Madisonville, was picked up and arrested July 16 and charged with two counts of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing.

Deputies are still searching for Matthew Pike, 25, Reagan Valley Road, Madisonville. He is facing charges of two counts of aggravated assault and criminal trespassing.

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