A Philadelphia couple was arrested Oct. 19 after they were pulled over by Sweetwater Police.

Sweetwater Officer Suzanne Ward said she responded to a traffic stop by off duty Det. Kevin Watson on Sweetwater/Vonore Road at the intersection of Mahala Road.

Ward said Watson saw the truck swerving all over the road and, after calling for an on duty officer, pulled the truck over.

Ward said when she arrived on the scene, a man and woman were aggressively approaching Watson and he had his gun drawn and was backing up, telling the couple to get back.

Ward said the man and woman were talking nonsensically and smelled like alcohol. She tried to intervene and the woman, identified later as Tonya Marie Watson, shoved her, knocking her body camera off, spat at Ward and grabbed her right hand, pushing her forefinger backwards.

Ward said she managed to get away from Watson, pulled her Taser out and told Watson to get on the ground. Watson did and Ward handcuffed her.

Ward said during this time, the man, later identified as Benjamin Watson, continued to advance on Officer Watson, then two other officers arrived and a Taser was used to bring Watson under control. Ward said he did cut his eyebrow when he fell to the ground after being Tasered.

Ward said a showed Benjamin Watson had a suspended driver’s license and while all this was being done, Tonya Watson was screaming obscenities, banging her head against the patrol car windows, managed to slip a cuff off and and kicked and licked the car windows.

Benjamin Watson, 41, Kiser Road, Philadelphia, was charged with driving on a suspended license and resisting arrest.

Tonya Watson, 32, same address, was charged with assault, public intoxication and resisting arrest.

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