Pulling out in front of a car when you don’t have the right of way is dangerous. Doing it in front of a cop car adds a different kind of danger for you to face.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Cameron Foister said he was at the red light at the intersection of Highway 411 and Tellico Street when he noticed a car sitting at the red light on Tellico Street.

Foister said his light turned green and as he started to drive through the intersection, the other car suddenly pulled into the intersection, nearly causing an accident.

Foister said he turned on his lights and the car pulled into the Walmart parking lot. Foister said while he was speaking with the driver, identified as Destiny Cierra Tincher, he smelled what he thought was marijuana smoke.

When he asked Tincher for her license, registration and proof of insurance and ran them through dispatch, he was told Tincher was wanted in McMinn County.

Foister said he asked Tincher if he could search the car, even though he already had probable cause. He then asked her if there was anything illegal in the car and she said no and he asked her to get out so he could search the car.

Foister said with the assistance of some Madisonville Police officers, the search was conducted and they located a pink, zip up bag in the front passenger seat. In that bag, Foister said they found five clear, plastic baggies with a green, leafy material in each one believed to be marijuana.

They also found a metal container with four baggies in it that contained a white powder believed to be meth.

Also in the bag, Foister said officers found zig zag wrappers, two packs of rolling papers, a black grinder and a glass pipe with residue in it.

Tincher, 20, White Plains Road, Vonore, is charged with possession of meth for resale, possession of marijuana for resale, possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to yield the right of way.

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