SHA opens new clinic

A ribbon cutting was held last week for the new Sweetwater Hospital Assocation (SHA) Women’s Health Clinic in Vonore.

A new option is available for women who seeking medical attention in Vonore.

Sweetwater Hospital Association (SHA) opened a new women’s clinic in the town last week.

SHA Chief Clinical Officer Melissa Harris stated the ribbon cutting ceremony held for the new clinic went well.

“We had a really good turn out and the facility looked really nice for the event,” Harris said. “We gave away 25 prize bags to the first 25 people who came to the event. We also had several of our board of directors there, our CEO, and Rep. Lowell Russell.”

The new women’s health clinic in Vonore is located at 1255 US 411 Suite #6. Appointments can be made by calling 865-213-8592.

“The community reaction was very positive,” Harris expressed. “We had several people from across the county actually make appointments before they left. We are very excited for the new clinic to be open.”

SHA is currently working to regionalize their services to better suit those who live both in and outside of the county.

“We are reaching out to the community to make services available in other parts of our service area,” she stated. “We are also going to open an urgent care in Vonore within the coming months.”

The women’s health clinic currently offers obstetrics and gynecology.

“We hope this will allow individuals to receive care closer to where they live so they won’t have to travel so far,” Harris said. “Hopefully people will be more inclined to get the care that they need if it is right there closer to home. This makes care closer and accessible.”

SHA officials hope to increase the community’s awareness of their facilities as well.

“Hopefully these buildings will make people more aware of who we are and where we are located,” Harris expressed. “We are here to serve the people of Monroe County and surrounding counties. That is our mission, so the impact for us will hopefully be that more patients will be aware of our services.”

Looking ahead, they plan on adding urology and cardiology into the facility as well.

“We are going to be opening our new patient’s tower in the coming months as well that is going to have a more modern ICU,” she noted. “It will be a part of the Sweetwater campus and we hope it will help us provide more services for our community.”

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