A Madisonville man is facing an arson charge after he allegedly tried to set his father on fire April 6.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Corporal Billy Littleton said he was sent to a home on New Highway 68 near Madisonville around 6:07 p.m. on a call a man was breaking things and pouring gasoline on another man.

When Littleton arrived at the house he talked to a man and a woman who told him their son, Travis Witt, had come into the sun room of the house, wanting to know where his daughter was.

The man said he told his son the girl was at cheer practice and Travis Witt became angry and left the room and went into the kitchen. The alleged victim said he went to the kitchen also and found his son holding a cup with gasoline in it.

The victim said Witt hit him with the cup, splashing the gas all over him, including into his eyes and mouth. The victim said he then saw his son had a box of matches and was trying to light one of them.

The victim told Littleton he grabbed a fireplace pole and chased Witt out of the house before he could get a match lit, but that Witt broke the glass in the door as he left.

The woman told Littleton that Witt had called her earlier and said they were not going to keep him from his daughter and he would “see them in hell.” She also said she believed Witt was under the influence of meth and hadn’t slept since Friday.

Littleton said he saw the cup that held the gas in the kitchen and it did smell like gas.

Witt was gone from the house when Littleton arrived, but Deputy Josh Woods found him walking on New Highway 68 and took him into custody.

Witt, 37, is charged with attempted aggravated arson, aggravated assault by attempted arson, assault by domestic assault and vandalism over $1,000.

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