A Sweetwater man was arrested Sunday after he allegedly pulled a gun and struck a woman.

Sweetwater Police Officer Justin White said it was around 9:15 p.m. when he got a call that a man was trying to get into a house on North High Street with a gun.

When he arrived, White said he saw a man, later identified as Nick Bocci, standing in the yard. White and other officers ordered Bocci to the ground and took the gun away from him, then talked to Beth Ashley, who lives in the house.

Ashley told White she had noticed Bocci outside her garage looking around and she asked him what he was doing. Bocci reportedly said he had received a call from someone else at the house saying somebody was trying to break into the garage.

According to police, Ashley said she attempted to go back into the house but before she could close the door, Bocci allegedly pushed it open, then hit her on the right side of her face with his fist.

White said he spoke with other witnesses, who said they saw Bocci make his way onto the property and was asked to leave, but attempted to go inside the house.

For his part, Bocci told White someone called him about someone trying to break into the garage so he went over and Ashley shut several doors in his face. He also told White he did not strike Ashley, that she had caused the injury to herself.

White decided Ashley and the witnesses were telling the truth of what happened and arrested Bocci, 50, Glenlock Road, Sweetwater, charging him with assault.

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