A Sweetwater man was arrested May 10 after he allegedly held his girlfriend against her will for 14 hours.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy David Kilby said he went to Cooks Hollow Lane just before 7 p.m. and talked to a woman who said while she was sleeping around 3 a.m., Jonathan Lingerfelt was looking through her phone and saw she had been using Snapchat to talk to someone.

The woman told Kilby she woke up when a suitcase fell over and she saw Lingerfelt coming into the bedroom, carrying a knife and uttering an epithet.

The woman said they struggled with each other and she suffered a stab wound on her left wrist, but did manage to get the knife away from Lingerfelt.

She said Lingerfelt began to punch her in the head and her ear started to bleed and Lingerfelt said he was pretty sure he’d broken her nose.

The woman told Kilby she explained the messages in Snapchat and they left the house before her sister could see what had happened.

The woman said while they were driving down backroads, Lingerfelt began to punch her in the right shoulder, then unbuckled his seatbelt and tried to wreck the vehicle by grabbing the steering wheel in front of the Monroe County Justice Center, saying he wanted to fly out of the car and die.

The woman said they kept driving and Lingerfelt punched the car radio, broke the rear view mirror and told her to stop so he could get out. She did, but said Lingerfelt didn’t get out.

The woman told Kilby that Lingerfelt wouldn’t let her go back to the house as her sister was still there, so they drove to Kefauver Park where he reportedly grabbed her by the hair and hit her head against the window.

The woman said her sister eventually left the house and they went back and were at the house for about an hour before Lingerfelt allegedly began punching her again and threw a Dr. Pepper at her, telling her to clean up the resulting mess.

The woman said as she was mopping, Lingerfelt took the mop and began hitting her with it. She said she then curled up on the couch and he began to kick her in the back, then hit her in the stomach.

The woman said he then backed her into a room and told her if she tried to leave he would chase her down with a bow.

The woman told Kilby Lingerfelt then went into another room and she took the chance to run out the door, get into her vehicle and leave. She said Lingerfelt called her and asked where she was going and she said to her father’s house, but she went to her sister’s house instead.

Kilby said the woman had bruising on her arms and legs, a stab wound on her left wrist, a bleeding ear, swollen black eyes, bruising in her stomach, a knot on her left temple and a possible broken nose. Kilby said she was taken to the Sweetwater Hospital Emergency Room.

The next day, around 4 a.m., Kilby said the sheriff’s office and the Madisonville Police Department received a tip that Lingerfelt was on Warren Street near The Madisonville Church of God of Prophecy and found him hiding behind a children’s playhouse, laying down in some rocks.

Kilby said a blue backpack was lying beside the suspect and inside was a grinder with residue on it, a green plant material thought to be marijuana, a glass pipe with residue in it and a cut straw.

Lingerfelt, 33, Wright Street, Sweetwater, is charged with kidnapping, aggravated domestic assault, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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