They wanted to talk to him about an alleged domestic dispute, but a Decatur man ended up leading the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office on a chase on Highway 411 June 21.

Deputy Matt Catron said it was just before 6:30 p.m. and he was on his way to a residence on Niles Ferry Road on a domestic dispute call when he saw a car that matched the description of one allegedly involved in the dispute.

Catron said he turned on his lights and stopped the car on Highway 411 in front of the McDonalds in Madisonville. Catron said he found Emerson Lee Eaton IV in the car and Eaton appeared to be shaking and making lots of hand movements and reaching toward the driver’s side door area.

Catron said he also noticed brass knuckles hanging out of Eaton’s pocket and asked about them. Eaton responded by taking the brass knuckles out of his pocket and putting them on his lap.

Catron said Deputy Billy Littleton arrived to assist and they asked Eaton to step out of the car.

Instead of doing that, Catron said Eaton put his car in gear, drove across 411 through a turning area and headed north on the highway.

Catron said as he was giving chase, Eaton ran two red lights, almost hitting another car, before hitting a stop sign and running into a ditch.

But Eaton wasn’t done running as Catron said he took off on foot and headed down Niles Ferry Road. The foot chase didn’t last long as Catron said Eaton ran into a fence and was taken into custody.

Catron said he called EMS to check Eaton for injuries after he complained of being hurt. Eaton then searched Eaton’s car and found the brass knuckles and a knife in the area of the car where Eaton had been reaching earlier. He also found six syringes in the trunk.

After being read his rights, Eaton told the deputies he’d run because he didn’t have a license and he thought there might be a warrant for his arrest.

Littleton made contact with the people who’d reported Eaton for assault and was told he’d been fighting with a woman at the residence, but the confrontation was only verbal. Another person at the house said Eaton did leave, then came back and chased him around a truck, the damaged the truck by breaking off a mirror and denting the driver side rear fender.

Eaton, 24, Queens Lane, Decatur, was charged with two counts assault by domestic violence, felony evading, resisting arrest, possession of a prohibited weapon and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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