McClancy sentenced to 50 years for killing husband

Martha Ann McClancy

A Coker Creek woman who was found guilty of conspiring to kill her husband with an overdose of prescription drugs 10 years ago has been sentenced to 50 years in prison. Martha Ann McClancy, 67, will be eligible for parole in 15 years.

The sentence was handed down Friday in Madisonville by Circuit Court Judge Andrew Freiberg, who during a lengthy pre-sentence address, described the murder as one of the most “heinous and cruel cases the court has ever heard.”

McClancy was found guilty last November on charges of attempting to commit first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. The judge sentenced her to 25 years on each charge.

In delivering the sentence, which was the maximum allowable by law, the judge said he could find no mitigating circumstances in the case, such as her age or health, and that because he found McClancy “devoid of any remorse,” a lesser sentence would not be “appropriate.” He went on to say, “It is a sentence justly deserved.”

“She has no regard for human life,” Freiberg said. “The level of violence in this case is deplorable.” He added, “A 50-year prison sentence is just and anything less would deprecate the seriousness of this case.”

Assistant District Attorney Joseph McCoin, the lead prosecutor in the case, spoke briefly before sentencing, saying, “The scope of what she {McClancy} did and the suffering of what this man went through was heinous.” He asked the judge for “the maximum you can dish out under the law.”

McClancy’s attorney, Matthew Rogers only asked that his defendant’s age be considered as a mitigating factor in her sentencing.

McClancy remained motionless during the morning hearing and refused comment when asked about her 50 year sentence.

After the sentence was handed down, Prosecutor McCoin described the sentence as “just and fair.” She (McClancy) has no conscience and no remorse.”

Several of the victim’s family members attended the sentencing. Robert McClancy’s sister, Kathy Inzerillo, said after the sentencing, “The judge understood how she tortured him. I’m glad she got the maximum.” She added, “It will give me a little closure.”

Testimony in the November trial revealed that Martha Ann McClancy had poisoned her husband in 2006 by lacing his food with lethal amounts of his own prescription drugs. Charles Kaczmarczyk, whom she befriended and later married, pled guilty to conspiracy in the murder.

After the murder and their marriage, both were indicted in a scheme they hatched to bilk the U.S. government out of more than a half million dollars in fraudulent government benefits from the Veterans Administration and the Social Security Administration. They were both jailed and eventually divorced. Kaczmarczyk testified against her in her murder trial.

Testimony in Martha Ann McClancy’s trial revealed that the couple used the stolen money to pay for trips, cruises, cars and an expensive motor home. As part of their elaborate scheme, she and her new husband traveled the country attending military functions where her husband gave accounts of his purported military exploits. Kaczmarczyk is still in prison.

Editor’s Note:

Martha Ann McClancy’s life story will be featured on the television show, “Snapped” which will air on the Oxygen Network later this year.

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