A pair of brothers were arrested June 20 after they allegedly held a man at gunpoint on Glenlock Road.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Det. Jason Filyaw said Corporal Josh Woods was sent to Glenlock Road on a shots fired call and talked to a man who said a car pulled up to his driveway and another man got out of the car and knocked on the door.

The resident said he let the man in and the man told him there were two men in the car who had been holding him captive. At that time, Woods was told, four other people went out on the porch and saw Dustin and Justin Terry standing there.

They all told Woods they saw Dustin Terry holding a revolver type handgun that Justin Terry then took from him and pointed at the group. He reportedly fired one shot toward them, then the two brothers jumped in the car and took off.

Woods talked to the victim who told him he was staying at the Terry’s house when they became angry and pulled a gun and held it to his head and also held a knife to his throat.

Ross said he asked them to let him leave, but they refused to let him go. But later they forced him into the car and drove him to the house on Glenlock Road. Woods said everything at the house was captured on security video.

Both brothers were picked up and arrested by Fillyaw later the same day.

Dustin Terry, 28, and Justin Terry, 33, both of Sky Dome Road, Sweetwater, were each charged with two counts of aggravated assault and false imprisonment.

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