Every so often, when I’m pondering where and why life went wrong, I like to look at what the top paying jobs are and wonder if I’d just did something a little different, maybe turned left one day instead of right, I might hold one of those jobs.

Now, we’re not talking about being a sports star or some kind of entertainer. Those require natural skills and charisma, things most of us are sorely lacking. I’m not even referring to running a successful business or those who are just born into the right family at the right time and think they hit a home run when they were born on third base and somebody just knocked a single into the outfield.

I’m talking about the kind of job where you go in for an interview, along with 30 or 40 other people, and then wait and wait and wait, only to hear through the grapevine somebody else got it the next day.

Since we live in a technological world, I looked at some tech jobs and the astounding amount of money they pay.

I once read that a study showed most people would start to feel comfortable if their income was $75,000 a year. That’s a nice number, but it’s got nothing on these tech jobs.

Glassdoor.com lists the 50 best jobs on an annual basis. We won’t look at them all here, but we’ll pick out a few and see if any of them seem like actual jobs or just something that was made up to mess with us.

The number one job, with an average salary of $105,240, a job satisfaction rating of 3.9 out of 5, and more than 13,000 jobs is front end engineer.

I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not the guy who drives the front of a train. It has something to do with the “cloud.” You know, that thing where everything on your cellphone goes whether you want it to or not.

At number four is product manager, $117,713, 3.8 and more than 12,000 openings. You can probably guess what a product manager is.

You manage whatever product your company puts out.

Software engineer is seventh with a salary of $105,563, a 3.6 satisfaction rating and more than 50,000 job openings.

You know all those things you like to do on your phone and tablet and computer? Yeah, a software engineer had a big hand in making those things work.

Drop down to number 14 and we find salesforce manager, $81,175, 4.2 and 3,600. I recently worked at a place with a salesforce program. They’re wildly overpaid.

Come down to number 35 and you find realtor with a salary of $50,467, a job satisfaction rating of 4.2 and just under 7,500 openings.

This is by far the lowest salary on the list but the job satisfaction is pretty high. I don’t know anything about real estate, but I’d guess it’s up and down.

One day you’re selling a million dollar house, the next you’re lucky to have a single wide trailer to list. But there’s probably a lot of freedom, leading to the high satisfaction rating.

At number 50 is healthcare consultant, $79,065, 3.9 and just under 2,000 openings.

I’m not sure what healthcare consultant does, but from what I read it doesn’t appear to involve any medical stuff.

I can hear you now. Mike, until recently, you spent nearly your entire adult life in the newspaper business. You’re undoubtedly kicking back on your yacht, enjoying a sunset off some warm beach in still ocean waters. Why are you looking at what other jobs pay?

Well, despite my lucrative years in the newspaper business, money does get spent and when it’s gone, life stubbornly insists you keep going, so I do like to look at jobs I’ll never have and wonder, if I’d been born 20 years later, would I have been educated in a way that would have led me to one of these ridiculously high paying jobs?

Maybe if I’d been born somewhere other than this area. Education doesn’t seem very highly valued around here.

But if you want a better paying job, and you’re young enough to still believe dreams come true, you can check these jobs out at https://www.glassdoor.com/List/Best-Jobs-in-America-LST_KQ0,20.htm.

And yes, I know nobody young enough to still believe in dreams is reading this. But maybe they’ll come across it accidentally.

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