I’m not sure what the numbers say, but I’m pretty sure I’m part of a dying breed in the simple fact that I’ve been doing the same job, at the same place (minus two years) for nearly 30 years. With factories closing left and right and so many jobs just disappearing with time, I have no doubt I’ve finally turned into a dinosaur.

It used to be that everybody retired after 40 years with some company. They got the legendary gold watch and, if they were really lucky, a pension to prop them up as they lived out their last few years.

Now, well, you’ll probably work for somebody until the day you die. And if you are like me, you work in a dying industry, so it will not be the company you’ve spent the most time with.

But let’s say you’re younger, got years to go, haven’t been in the same job for more than half your life and can make your future whatever you want it to be. According to something called Glass Door, there are 50 jobs that pay good money and will be around for a while. And if you are like me, you won’t have a clue what most of them are. Here are the top 10.

1. Data scientist with an annual salary of $108,000. Going by the job listings on Glass Door, this covers a wide variety of things to do with computers. But you probably figured that out.

2. Nursing manager with an annual salary of $83,000. Pretty self-explanatory and will always be there because we’ll always be sick.

3. Marketing manager with a starting salary of $82,000. You manage the way a company markets itself. You know, make them look good while they’re doing horrible things out of sight.

4. Occupational therapist with a starting salary of $74,000. More health care-related work. All the jobs say you need to be outgoing and personable. Sorry.

5. Product manager with a starting salary of $115,000. Manage whatever product a company puts out. It pays more than some of the jobs above it, but the job satisfaction ranking is lower. For most of us, $115,000 a year would make up for any dissatisfaction.

6. Devops operator with a starting salary of $106,000.

No clue. This is how one company described the job: “You will help define systems, tools, and platforms on which Turnitins infrastructure and applications are deployed and operated. As Turnitin migrates to the cloud, you’ll work with our DevOps engineers to ensure the quality, operability, and security of Turnitins services through careful design and automation.”

Good luck!

7. Program manager with a starting salary of $87,000. Basically, you’ll be overseeing other people’s projects. So, if you want to be the most hated person in the building, go for it!

8. Data engineer with a starting salary of $100,000. Creating programs for people to use within a company and other computer things. I think. The job description confused me.

9. HR manager with a starting salary of $85,000. The people who decide who to hire and fire, unless the boss tells them not to. Among other things.

10. Software engineer with a starting salary of $104,000. Writing software programs so people can stare at screens all day long without blinking.

Other jobs in the top 50 included sales manager, security engineer, speech language pathologists, solution architect, applications engineer, risk manager, customer success manager, UX designer and software development manager.

The lowest paying job was office manager at $42,000 a year and is probably the only one we have all heard of.

I’ve often had the thought that I was left behind by the world at large many years ago and this list of jobs pretty much cements that thought. I didn’t know most of them existed and I don’t think there’s a single one I would know how to do.

But all jobs eventually go away with the passage of time. Shoeing horses at one time was a highly-desired skill. I’d guess if you are around horses, it’s still a nice ability to have, but no one’s advising it as a career option.

Probably most of these 50 jobs won’t be around 100 years from now. By then the top job will be communicating with our alien overlords or some such.

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