I truly don’t know how popular the game still is, but once upon a time, Monopoly ruled the world.

If you got three or four people together who were basically competent, you could have a game that lasted for hours.

And I tend to think that would be a problem in today’s world. Short attention spans fueled by those things we all carry in our hands would have people losing all their money on purpose because there are 15 apps that desperately need looking at!

If you’re of a certain age, you undoubtedly remember at least the basic rules of monopoly. Collect $200 when you pass Go, you have to pay $50 to get out of jail, I think, everybody wanted Park Place and Boardwalk even though it seemed like nobody ever landed on them.

Everybody would groan when you pulled out the Monopoly box, but after everybody had a couple of rolls of the dice under their belts, nobody was leaving that table.

I bring this up because Hasbro, the long time maker of Monopoly boards, has announced they are changing some of the Community Chest cards in the game. I don’t remember what all the cards said, but it was stuff like collect $10 for winning a beauty contest and …. um …. well, that’s the only one coming to mind right now. But Hasbro said there are 16 of them and they’re going to change all of them.

Change them to what? In the story I read, Hasbro didn’t really say more than they would be more relevant to the modern world. What does that mean? Will you get to collect $10 if you go an hour without looking at your phone? Let’s be honest. No one would ever collect that $10.

Other areas, in my humble opinion, also need to be updated. Getting $200 for every time you pass Go isn’t realistic at all. And you couldn’t buy property on Tennessee Avenue for $60. You’re probably looking at a minimum of $200,000.

And Park Place and Boardwalk? Probably $750,000 and $1 million respectively. And don’t even ask what it might cost to buy those railroads.

So, increase passing Go to $10,000 a time. Two hundred bucks was a LOT of money in the 1930s when Monopoly was invented and most people today, at least at my level, think $10,000 is a LOT of money.

There are the usual suspects upset about Hasbro changing anything in the game. You know who I’m talking about! People who can’t handle change and act like the world is ending if everything isn’t exactly like it was when they were kids.

I’m not gonna spell it out for you. You can figure it out.

When you think about it, Monopoly has always been a socialist game. Who’s giving you that $200 every time you pass Go? And didn’t one of the cards give you medical treatment? Or insurance? Or something?

I guess you could make the argument the $200 is for some undefined job you have, but let’s be honest. Monopoly was created during the Great Depression and there were no jobs to be had. We know where that $200 was coming from.

It’s funny people are upset about Monopoly changing as it’s been licensed by everything from Star Trek to the University of (college name here) football team. If something is sacred and shouldn’t be changed, surely all these people have been protesting for years.

If I had to take a wild guess, I’d say I haven’t touched a Monopoly board since at least the 1990s. More realistically, it’s probably the 1980s, but there’s a chance I got bored one day before the Internet took over the world.

But the game is so ingrained in my head thanks to my childhood, I could probably sit down and play the game without having to refresh myself on the rules. Let’s see, you start out with $2,000 in various denominations, right?

You know what? Let’s change that to $200,000. And I get to be the banker.

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