As we all hang around, waiting for COVID to end, some willing to get vaccinated, others declaring they don’t want an eyeball growing out of their stomach, which is surely what would happen if you get vaccinated, you might occasionally wonder what kind of danger we’re really in.

Well, we live in Tennessee and, according to a WalletHub study, we’re close to the bottom in being safe from the virus.

Why is this? Is it because we have an enormous population of fat guys with bushy beards who look at everybody with pure disdain? Is it because we have political leaders who have done literally nothing to combat the virus? Is it because stores put up signs saying a mask must be worn to enter, then you go in and even the employees don’t have them on?

But none of those might be the answer. Alaska was found to be the safest state and I’m pretty sure they have many fat guys with bushy beards. Maybe everything just freezes once it gets there.

For the record, Tennessee ranked 42 out of 51 (the District of Columbia was included in the study). Ohio was the least safe state, which seems right as they seem to have more than their fair share of morons.

How did WalletHub come to these conclusions? They looked at various factors, including where the most vaccinations were being given. Alaska was number one, Rhode Island last and Tennessee was a stumbling “ain’t nobody sticking a needle in me” number 49.

Hawaii had the lowest number of positive tests while South Carolina was dead last with the highest number of “you got it” conclusions. Hawaii also had the lowest number of hospitalizations, while New York had the most.

North Dakota had the lowest death rate, while Ohio had the highest. And Arizona had the lowest transmission rate, while Ohio was last, showing they all really just need to stay home. I don’t think the rest of us would miss them.

The bottom line is basically that the states where people are refusing to get the shot (ain’t nobody tells me what to do) are much more dangerous for getting the virus than states where people are dressing up like old women to get the shots (look it up; true story).

And if you’re thinking it’s a red state/blue state divide, you’re correct. Red states are thought to be much more virus deadly than blue states.

Speaking as somebody who has received both vaccine shots, I can say they were’t much of a bother. The first one did nothing to me and the second one caused the feelings of a mild cold for about a day and that was it. Yes, I know other people have had different experiences, but the overriding experience has been the one I had.

Is there a possibility the vaccine could cause something later on, such as cancer or some other type of damage? In the sense that anything is possible (I could be a millionaire by this time next year), yes it could happen. But studies have shown that once your body has defeated the protein the vaccine puts into your body, all traces of the vaccine disappear.

But your body has identified that protein and if the COVID virus enters your body, with that protein attached, your body will promptly take care of it.

Would I recommend getting the shot? I would. But if you choose not to get it, well, no skin off my nose. Studies show that a couple of weeks after the second shot, you’re good to go. The chances of you getting the virus is less than 5% and if you do get it, it won’t be any worse than a mild cold and will be gone in a couple of days.

So, I’m not gonna be concerned if you suddenly pop up looking like death warmed over, saying you just tested positive. I made my decision and you made yours.

And if, 10 years from now, everybody who got the shot is mysteriously dropping dead, well, it’ll still be I made my decision and you made yours. Though I think the first scenario is much more likely.

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