As someone who is now in the job market, I’m a little astounded at what people consider good pay and what some jobs actually offer.

Now, there are different layers of people when it comes to what is considered good pay. I saw a thing on the internet the other day where a fast food franchise was offering jobs with starting pay of $16 an hour. Going by the comments on the picture, a large section of people thought this was the largest amount of money that could be paid.

And I saw a thing that showed how a family with a household income of $350,000 a year still struggles to make ends meet. Yes, after all the bills had been paid, they had $340 left every week.

Both of these things got roasted, in the language of the internet. There were those who said $16 an hour couldn’t support one person, much less an entire family, while others, or maybe the same people, said if you made $350,000 a year, ($6,730 a week) and you only had $350 left every week, you were at the top of the heap for morons. I’ve always believed that you both live up and live down to your income. If you make $16 an hour you’ll probably buy a two or three-year-old car, rent your house, or buy one of the better doublewides and look forward to the Black Friday sales every November. If you make $6,700 a week, you’ll probably lease a new car every three years, have a two-story house either in a gated community or near a body of water and buy whatever you want on any day of the year. Where you live can also make a difference. In some parts of the country, $16 an hour would have you living under a bridge and $6,700 a week would put you on the path to a pretty nice doublewide. But for most places, you’d get the first scenario for both.

I haven’t had to look at the job market for nearly three decades and I’m astounded by the fact that there are so many jobs out there, that so many of them don’t even come close to $16 an hour, that they all want experience in whatever field they operate in, and they all demand drug tests. Are there really that many drug users in a conservative, religious area such as this?

There is one area where jobs are growing at a huge rate and the pay is above and beyond $16 an hour. It’s computer programming and honestly, we should have all seen it coming. The BSA Foundation, whatever that is, said the average salary for working with computer software is $114,000 a year.

Of course, $114,000 a year would seem like pocket change to somebody making $350,000 a year, but to somebody who gets excited at the thought of $16 an hour, $114,000 a year ($2,200 a week, $55 an hour) would solve every problem they could possibly encounter.

There are computer programming jobs in most fields and, while they probably don’t pay $114,000 a year around here (one of the joys of a right to work state), they will pay well above $16 an hour. They do also require A LOT of education, something that can be frustrating when you’re in your early 50s, can’t remember anything about school, and get asked what your degree is in. Especially if you don’t have one. Maybe that’s just me.

Another field that has a lot of jobs because apparently nobody wants to do it anymore, is long haul truck driver. It was once considered almost a romantic job that let you see the country. Now, people just want to be at home because we’ve got the internet and giant TVs and all kinds of cool things.

I saw an ad for one truck driving job that guaranteed an income of at least $150,000 a year and 99% of the time it was much more than that. The catch was at the very end where it said you’d be home most weekends. If I was 20 years younger, I’d take some truck driving classes and grab that job. I’d tell the wife she didn’t need to work anymore, throw her in the cab and we spend our best years driving coast to coast, seeing everything. Alas. So if, like me, you’re looking for a job and your best years are behind you, don’t let the job listings get you too down.

We’ll all find something. There really is no other option. Unless the wife gets a really good job.

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