It seemed to come around quick this time, but once again, Parade magazine has released its annual look at what people earn.

If you’re new to this, Parade basically lists what people earn from top paid celebrities to government employees to real jobs to some pretty odd ones. Some of them make much more than you will ever see while others make so little, you might wonder how they weren’t embarrassed to be listed.

The cover of this year’s issue has a pretty broad selection of jobs to choose from. You have basketball player LeBron James listed as making $85.5 million, a lot of that from things other than basketball. You also have football player Tom Brady making a relatively paltry $29 million.

In the real world, you have a power plant operator making $100,000 a year and a travel agent bringing in $45,000.

And in the middle of Lady Gaga making an estimated $50 million and some reality TV star I’ve never heard of bringing in $200,000, you have an aircraft mechanic making $80,050 a year.

Of all the jobs listed on the front cover, including a cat sitter who made $24,150, an aircraft mechanic making $80,050 a year is the only one I think makes money that is worth the job.

You’re tasked with something very important, making sure planes stay in the air, and while $80,000 won’t make you super rich, it will give you a nice, comfortable living in most of areas of the world.

Of course, if you make a mistake…

Once you turn inside the magazine, you start to find the jobs you’ve never heard of. You meet a woman who’s a genetic counselor. I have no idea what that is, but her income is listed at $106,759 a year, so if you’re wanting to change jobs, you might want to look it up.

You also have a guy making $0 for being the Ocean Energy Council president. Technically, I think that’s called being a volunteer.

You have more celebrities, including Will Smith who made $42 million last year, though you’d probably have to think hard to remember his last movie. Maybe it includes what he made for that upcoming “Aladdin” movie.

You have a certified tumor registrar making $55,328 a year. I’d never heard of that profession, but it’s basically a person who keeps up with a person’s cancer treatment and everything they go through. Like the aforementioned aircraft mechanic, the money here seems right for the job.

Then you have Manny Machado, a baseball player who recently signed a contract for $300 million over 10 years. Yes, that’s a lot of money for playing a game, but how much do the people who pay him have?

And there’s a woman who lists her job as VP of product design for the official hatmaker of the Kentucky Derby. She makes $105,000 for that job. Keep in mind the actual Kentucky Derby lasts about two minutes each year. I hope those hats are allowed at other horse races.

Jennifer Lopez made $47 million last year and Blake Shelton brought in $28 million. I don’t really know much about the music either of them produces, but Lopez is nice to look at and Shelton is on TV a lot, so I guess they earned it.

And we wrap up with the CEO of Weight Watchers, now simply going by WW, making $1.2 million. As CEO pay goes, she’s practically in the poorhouse.

I’ve never really been sure why Parade lists these salaries each year. It can be fun to see what other professions pay, but I’m sure some people get jealous.

I believe you should take whatever somebody is willing to give you, but I also think a lot of people are overpaid for what they do. Unless she’s getting some kind of royalty rate, somebody overseeing hat design for a once-a-year horse race is probably overpaid at $105,000 a year.

And I find it hard to get mad at what celebrities make. After all, they only make as much as their fans are willing to shell out, and if enough of Lady Gaga’s fans buy her music and go see a movie that she’s in so that she can make $50 million, more power to her.

As for myself, I’m gonna check out that cat sitting job. They don’t require much attention and $24,000 from a side job would help a lot.

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