When I was a teenager, approximately 400 years ago, I read a thing that said there were only 14 billionaires in the United States and only a handful more than that worldwide.

Now I just came across a thing listing the top billionaire in each state. Now, things haven’t gotten totally out of hand. Only 43 states actually have billionaires and you can breathe easy. Tennessee is one of them, though, shockingly, a Haslam isn’t the top one.

The number one billionaire in the country, and you guessed right, is Jeff Bezos, the founder and owner of Amazon. As of whenever www.visualcapitalist.com put the map of billionaires up, Bezos had an estimated fortune of $193.8 billion.

I guess these numbers go up and down as I seem to recall that Bezos recently topped $200 billion, making him the first person to ever do so and sparking conjecture that he might one day be the world’s first trillionaire, which according to spellcheck isn’t even a real word yet.

Bezos is a problem for a lot of people. They want to hate him for being so rich and paying workers so little, but, dang, they like shopping on Amazon. You can find literally anything you want, usually at a “not bad” price.

Who is the poorest billionaire out there? That would be a guy from West Virginia named Jim Justice, of all things. He only has $1.2 billion. The other billionaires probably make fun of him when they have their annual get together.

There are some familiar names on here. Mark Zuckerberg, with $101.3 billion, is the top billionaire in California. You make that man richer and richer every time you scroll through Facebook.

Warren Buffett is the number one billionaire in Nebraska with $87.6 billion. I guess “Margaritaville” still sells well decades after it came out. What?

Elon Musk has $191.8 billion, making him the number one billionaire in Texas, though he just recently left California.

Phil Knight, the head of Nike, has $51.7 billion, tops in Oregon. And if you’re really into politics, Charles Koch has $44.9 billion, giving him the top seat in Kansas, though it does mean having to live in Kansas.

And Jim Walton of the Walmart family is number one in Arkansas with $67 billion and Michael Bloomberg tops what is probably a crowded field in New York with $54.9 billion.

Most of the rest I’ve never heard of. I wouldn’t know Daniel Gilbert if he walked up and slapped me, but he has $45 billion and lives Michigan. Same with Ernest Garcia II and his $18 billion out in Arizona.

What states are total losers and don’t have any billionaires? That would be Alabama, Alaska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Delaware.

Yes that’s eight states and if you add 43 and 8 you get 51, but Washington DC is always included, though it’s not a state.

I doubt anybody is really surprised Alabama has no billionaires, though Nick Saban has to be getting close with all those local car dealership commercials.

Also Delaware and North Dakota aren’t surprising as I think Delaware only has 12 people in it and I’m pretty sure somebody just made up North Dakota.

I find Alaska and New Mexico kind of surprising. I thought Alaska had an oil industry and New Mexico has a thriving multi-billion dollar meth business, unless “Breaking Bad” was lying to me.

Who’s the number one billionaire in Tennessee? You’ll know the last name, but maybe not the first. It’s Thomas Frist Jr. Actually, it’s listed as Thomas Frist Jr. and family, with a fortune of $14.4 billion. I’d say this is the family that gave us former senator and doctor who can diagnose an illness over a TV screen, Jim Frist.

No Haslam, you ask? Bill or Jim didn’t make the list? Nope. I think those guys don’t even have $10 billion apiece. And no, despite what it costs you to get into Dollywood, Dolly Parton isn’t a billionaire.

There’s said to be 800 billionaires in America alone now. No idea what that number is worldwide, but in 1982, if what I read was to be believed, there were only 14. People don’t seem as impressed by numbers as they once were.

I saw the other day where the MegaMillions lottery is closing in on $700 million and I haven’t heard anybody mention it. Used to be if a lottery hit $100 million, we all lost our collective minds.

Now, unless it’s a billion or more, people don’t seem to care. And if you get to be a billionaire, it better be at least $10 billion. Who’d want to be a billionaire with less than $10 billion?

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