I get a LOT of emails at the address you see somewhere in this paper, most of it nonsense political stuff that boils down to “we have to stop the liberals! Please send $10, $50, $100, or whatever you can spare before it’s too late!”

I do find it humorous that people who have more money than I ever will continuously ask me for money. I thought Republicans were all about doing it all on your own and never asking for help? Somebody better tell Newt Gingrich.

I also get lots of emails that tell me what is going on in my own neighborhood, usually relating to crime. It’s not as bad as the time a guy selling home security systems popped up in the yard and told me I needed his system because there had been 14 arrests in my neighborhood in the past month.

Considering that Sweetwater doesn’t average 14 arrests a week in the whole town, that was indeed a disturbing number. I knew it wasn’t true, so I sent him on his way. For the record, I’ve had access to police records the 20 plus years we’ve lived here and there’s been exactly one arrest around the area, and it was the kind of arrest that doesn’t leave you worrying about somebody breaking into your house.

Still, the other day I got an email about the opioid/meth epidemic across the country and it said if you entered your address into a search engine you could tell how many “drug dens” were in your neighborhood.

I dutifully typed in my address and was told in bated internet breath that a house 0.73 miles away had been used as a “clandestine drug laboratory.” We live on the edge of Sweetwater, not far from the interstate, so 0.73 miles, while not being a huge distance, could still cover a lot of area. There are a lot of areas it could be in and I wouldn’t be surprised. Still, I’m not going to worry too much about it.

I decided to try some other addresses. One co-worker has 14 clandestine labs surrounding his house, but he made the decision to live there. Nothing I can do.

Another co-worker’s house is scheduled for a raid next Thursday. She swears it must be her neighbor, but she’s always seemed a little sketchy.

I typed in the address of somebody in Madisonville and the website started blaring out a warning signal, saying there are approximately 220 criminals within walking distance! Of course, they live just down from the jail, so …

The website was also chock full of stats, and you may be surprised to learn that Tennessee no longer ranks in the top five of states with the most meth labs.

Missouri has the most meth labs, with an average of 27 labs per 100,000 people. Maryland has the fewest with 0.12 labs per 100,000 people. So, if you really hate meth, I guess Maryland is the place for you.

Nevada has the most potent meth. Once again, Tennessee is nowhere near the top 10. Makes me wonder what all those people I write about being arrested are not doing right? You all are getting arrested time and time again. Shouldn’t your production be improving? Slackers.

In positive news, the amount of meth seized nationwide has went down by more than 50 percent since 2012. Of course, as the website explains, that’s because a lot of meth is now being produced in Mexico and shipped in. You can get access to Joe Bob’s house much easier than you can a factory in some hidden corner of a foreign country.

And value of seized meth has gone way down, from $2.4 million in 2012 to around $165,000 in in 2016. A few grams seized here and there doesn’t add up to much.

Of course, it’s easy to joke about stuff, but the drug does still exist, though it’s now much more a pill problem, at least around here. And if you pay attention, as I’m paid to do, you notice that it’s at least a revolving door for about 75 percent of those arrested.

There are some bad people out there, some that really seem to have no desire to ever try and be a good member of society, but most would probably drop the bad habit if they could get the proper treatment.

But most tough guy politicians aren’t interest in that type of thing.

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