President Biden last week said he was going to use OSHA rules to either have employers with 100 or more employees get them all vaccinated or have them tested once a week.

The reaction was pretty much what you’d expect from all corners. Right wing Republicans devoted to Trump lost their minds and declared it was the beginning of the end for freedom in America.

Those who have been vaccinated, and typically support the president, said it’s about time, now maybe we can finally put this stupid virus behind us.

Truthfully, neither side will see their prediction come true. The ruling is already being challenged in court and, no matter which side prevails, the other side will immediately demand it be taken up by a higher court. And so on and so on until it reaches the Supreme Court, who’ll probably refuse to hear it if the most recent court ruled in favor of the right wingers.

If the other side prevailed in the most recent court, the Supreme Court will agree to hear it, then take forever getting to it.

Full disclosure, I’ve been fully vaccinated and will probably get the booster shot when it becomes available to me. I was vaccinated to the moon back when I was a kid, so getting one more didn’t bother me very much.

A lot of people didn’t feel the same way, especially in the south where the vaccination rate lags way behind the national rate. This isn’t very surprising as a lot of people who have long been vaccinated (Republican politicians, Fox News hosts, etc.) are telling people not to get vaccinated if they don’t want to, and if they’re forced to, they should stage a bloody revolt in the streets, or something.

Biden has given himself an out when people start screaming about forced vaccinations. You can just get tested every week to show you don’t, or do, have it. I’m sure when everything is worked out, the tests will be provided for free. And I’m pretty sure there are other ways to test than sticking a swab up your nose and into your brain.

You can throw out all kind of thoughts on why so many are refusing to get vaccinated, but I’m convinced a lot of them are just scared of getting shots. It might just be a small, thin needle, but you’re still getting stabbed. And getting stabbed is never a very pleasant occurrence. Or thought.

When you’re a kid, you don’t like getting stuck by a needle, but you don’t also have the fear process in your head you will have as an adult. Most kids aren’t sure what’s going on until they feel that first stick.

I remember leaving the elementary school when I was a kid and going to what was then the Sweetwater Fire Department to get vaccinated against all the usual childhood diseases. Measles, chicken pox, mumps, polio and whatever else there is. And proving that a vaccine isn’t a guarantee, I still got chicken pox. And I think I got mumps, though my childhood memory might be faulty. Was a few years back, after all.

But did the vaccines make a difference? Well, I know I wasn’t hospitalized in either case and just had to stay home from school (unexpected upside!), and I don’t recall anybody worried I was going to croak.

Though I have been told since I had chicken pox, I now have a very good chance of getting the shingles virus, which I have also been told is painful beyond all thought. Luckily, there’s a vaccine for that! But I’ve also been told I need to start getting the shot at 50, but insurance won’t pay for it until I’m 65. I’m past one age and nowhere near the other one, so I’m not sure what to do.

But in the meantime, we can sit back and watch what happens with COVID vaccine employer mandate. If we can get, say, 60% of the people to say, “Well, I don’t want to lose my job, better get the vaccine,” that would probably put us in the area we need to be to finally get past this stupid thing.

And that may be the sneaky, hidden goal Biden actually wants to reach.

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