Have you signed up for, or gotten, a COVID-19 vaccine shot? I’ve signed up for one through my workplace, but I have no idea when it will actually happen.

They’re using tiers to decide who gets them in what order. I’m in tier 2A and, as far as I can tell, they’re still getting the shots to people in tier 1A. The rollout of the shots is going much slower than anticipated. One estimate said at the current pace it would take 10 years to get enough people vaccinated that we could stop worrying about the virus.

Of course, there are new, more “catchable” strains of the virus popping up overseas and at first it was said the vaccine wouldn’t work on them. Now, though, it’s thought the vaccine will work against them. Why people won’t wait until they know something for sure before they say anything will always mystify me.

I’m not really concerned if everybody gets the shot. When my turn rolls around I’ll get it and hopefully it will work and if you start coughing and wheezing, I’ll feel bad for you, but I may or may not say you should have gotten the shot. It’ll depend on my mood and how obnoxious you were about not getting the shot.

But that’s all the way in the future. Right now there is a greater threat from COVID and, while it might lead to some jokes, it’s no laughing matter when you step on the scale.

People are putting on weight during all this. Granted, a lot of us would have put on weight anyway, but it’s been accelerated in what is almost a year now. It’s being called the “quarantine 15,” modeled after the freshman 15, the weight it’s said you put on your first year in college.

A lot of it, of course, is people either working from home or not working at all. For a lot of people, the only exercise they get is work. You might not have a very physically active job, but it’s still movement. You lose a lot of that movement if you stay at home.

Even for those who still get out and go to work every day, activity has been muted. When you try to avoid being too close to people, you miss out on a lot of places where you would get in some movement.

And there’s comfort eating, where you don’t care about calorie count or how healthy something is. Eating is still the most pleasurable thing you can do that doesn’t have to involve somebody else and, when you need that comfort, you don’t reach for a celery stick.

According to Kroger, which I think is the biggest grocery store chain in the country, the top 10 foods bought by Americans in 2020 were:

1. Zero-Calorie Soft Drinks

2. Four-Cheese Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese

3. Flavored Potato Chips

4. Sauvignon Blanc Wine

5. Heavy Whipping Cream

6. Fresh Burger Patties

7. Artisan Breads & Restaurant-Style Buns

8. Bulk Individual Coffee Pods

9. Party-Size Bags of Variety Chocolate

10. Black Forest Ham

All of that is comfort food. And I’d guess the wine being the only alcohol on the list is because it’s the only alcohol most Krogers sell, though I’m sure some sell beer also.

The Black Forest ham is probably the pre-sliced kind you can get in a pack. I can’t imagine people were buying whole hams all the time during the year.

Diet drinks, shredded cheese and potato chips being the top three isn’t surprising. The ultimate comfort food and all three would probably be in the top 10 in the most normal year. And you can alleviate some of the guilt by saying at least the drink isn’t adding to your weight problem.

Have you put on any weight during all of this? My weight has always gone up and down. It’s definitely gone up since winter started, but that’s standard. If I don’t get my usual spring drop, then I’ll begin to worry.

And knowing my luck, one of the side effects of the vaccine will be gaining weight.

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