Still waiting for another $1,200 of COVID stimulus money to make its way into your bank account? The last report has one showing up sometime in October.

Course, back in the spring it was guaranteed one would go out in June, then it was a sure thing there’d be one in August. So, think of this latest proclamation what you will.

When the first $1,200 payments went out, a lot of people discovered $1,200 isn’t what it used to be. That amount, in the modern world, is about enough to cover rent/mortgage and a car payment for the month. That doesn’t take into account the electric bill, groceries, gas for that car you’re STILL paying for and all the other expenses that would stop life if you couldn’t pay them.

When I was a kid a million years ago, $1,200 was a decent amount of money. It wasn’t “I’m rich” money by any measure, but you could live a decent life on $1,200 a month.

But as the old saying goes, everything’s going up but my paycheck.

When I talk to other people in the same income bracket and age as myself, we talk about if we’d made what we make now when we first started out, we would have thought we were the richest people in the world. Now we consider it an insult, but you’ve gotta do something to keep the lights on.

I saw a story that said your happiness quotient keeps going up until you hit an income of $100,000 a year. After that amount, more money won’t really make any difference to your mental state of being.

I can see that. I can actually see more money at any level not really making you any happier. You both live up to and down to your income. If you suddenly find yourself making $15,000 more a year, you’re just going to buy a nicer car, maybe a bigger house and you’ll still barely be making ends meet. You’ll just be driving a better car to a better house at the end of the day.

Financial freedom is what we all seek, having money without having to put up with a job to get it. Everybody dreams of yelling “Take This Job and Shove It” as they walk out the door. None of us ever really get to do that, but we all fantasize about it.

How much of a monthly income would you need to feel that you had financial freedom? Would $5,000 a month do it? For some, living on that would be a nightmare. For others it would mean they’d never have to answer to anybody again.

But when it comes to basic necessities — food, shelter, clothing — in this time, in the right area, $5,000 a month would give you complete financial freedom. Of course, at one time $1,200 a month kept you going.

So, are we going to get another $1,200 to keep us going for a week? Who knows? Democrats in Congress passed a bill in May that would have sent money to a lot of us. The Republicans in the Senate refused to even look at it. There was talk of a Republican bill that basically gave corporations a lot more money and nothing to us, but it didn’t go anywhere.

But it is an election year, so I guess anything could happen. I read there was once a thought to give every household a one time $6,000 payment and be done with it, but nothing was ever said about it again.

There was even talk of giving everybody $2,000 a month until the pandemic is over, but again, it fizzled without another mention.

The purpose of stimulus money, obviously, is to stimulate the economy. You’re supposed to rush out and buy stuff so businesses can stay open and employ people. But that’s kinda hard to do when every mouth breather has the potential to give you a life threatening illness and you’re out of work, or barely making it, and the house and car payments are waiting impatiently.

Just learn to be frugal, I suppose. Don’t spend money you don’t need to spend. And if they do send out another $1,200, or more, and you don’t need it, put it aside. It’s almost guaranteed there will come a day you’ll need it.

And then you’ll find out $1,200 isn’t what it used to be.

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