The new year is a couple of days away and people seem to think some magical switch will be flipped and things will get better immediately.

Doesn’t work that way, unfortunately. I think things will get better next year, but like the long daylight hours returning, it will take a little bit of time.

The winter solstice was a little over a week ago, meaning the northern hemisphere started tilting back toward the sun. You won’t notice at first, but one day you’ll look up and realize it’s daylight at 7 a.m., a time that had been dark since mid-November.

Or, if you’re not a morning person, you’ll get home one day and think, “Dang, it’s staying daylight a lot longer than it did just the other day.”

It’ll be the same way with getting life back after COVID. People will slowly, but surely, get the vaccine. Sure, there’ll be some refuse to get it, saying they don’t trust what’s in it (as they puff on cigarettes and vape pipes), but enough of us will that we’ll be able to make COVID a bad memory.

One day you’ll look up and everybody will be maskless and you won’t be horrified. And if you refuse to wear a mask, you’ll see others not wearing them and pat yourself on the back for never becoming a sheep (not realizing how incredibly lucky you were).

Granted, I could be terribly wrong about all of this. People could start growing an eye in the middle of their forehead because of the vaccine, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

And there are reports the virus may be mutating in other countries, mainly Britain, but from what I’ve read, it’s mutating in that it’s becoming easier to catch. That’s not good news, but at least it’s not mutating into something the current vaccines can’t combat.

I’ve heard some people joke (?) that after all this is over, can we keep the six feet apart thing going? Nobody likes being crowded in public places, but if concerts and sporting events are going to return, and I think they will, we’re all going to be very close in public again one day. We’re going through another surge it’s been said, probably because of everybody getting close during the holidays. Most people I know, including myself, didn’t see anybody over the two major holidays. But I guess a lot of people decided seeing family was more important than making sure said family members didn’t get deathly sick on down the line.

But a new year is coming and hopefully it will soon bring good news. When 2020 started, everybody was getting ready a bunch of eyesight jokes and how we’d probably look back on the year with perfect vision.

I doubt we’ll look back at this year with any kind of vision, unless we want to see a dumpster fire burning out of control. I suppose there were good things happened, though I’m hard pressed to think of any. Well, there was a new Taylor Swift album that was surprisingly good. Does that count?

Somebody the other day said that in a few years we’d reach into a jacket pocket, find a forgotten mask and laugh, thinking what a weird year that was. You might react that way if you’re one of those people who called it a hoax and managed to avoid getting it, but if you had it, or lost somebody to it, I doubt you’ll ever laugh about it.

But we will return to normal. After the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918, the world returned to normal. All that happened over the next 25 years was the stock market crash, the great depression and the start of World War II.

OK, not the best example. But people weren’t getting sick and dying in the street during any of those things. For the most part. Okay, forget that comparison.

Let’s all keep a happy thought and know that just like the return of the long days, things will get better. It’ll just take a little while to get there.

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