It’s a couple of days away, depending on when you read this.

The most wonderful time of the year might not seem that way to a lot of people as the reviled year of 2020 comes to an end.

If you’re like me, you’re looking at a house on Christmas with no more people in it than on a regular day. If you’re not like me and you plan on a big gathering without any type of precautions, well, tell me how everybody is feeling as the new year starts.

One thing I find a little funny about the whole situation is so many people have spent their lives dreading Christmas, not wanting to spend time with family, and now that they have a perfect excuse to avoid those troublesome relatives, all you have are people demanding to know who dares to tell them they can’t get together?

The truth of the matter, at least around here, is that no one is telling you that gatherings are forbidden. Like a lot of southern states, and some non-southern ones, Tennessee’s leaders have steadfastly refused to put in place any of kind of requirement that might have stopped this nonsense in its tracks.

Yet, I read where even the governor has now said if he’d put in a statewide mask mandate back in the spring we’d probably be just about done with this now. Is it leadership if it comes long after the leadership was needed?

No matter how it eventually plays out, Christmas this year will be different than it has been in past years. We always have a gathering at our house and, while it was never very large (my immediately family is surprisingly small), it was always good to see everybody and catch up and have a few laughs.

Will we ever have a normal Christmas again? I think we will and I think it’ll be next year. Some people will simply refuse to get the vaccine, but I think enough of us will get it that this stuff will eventually go away.

As more and more vaccine doses become available, you’ll see more gatherings and less of these masks that we have to wear, or should wear, anyway.

I read an explanation of how a vaccine works and it made perfect sense. What they did was find a prominent protein in the virus and attached it to the vaccine so your body will know it’s not supposed to be there. When you get the vaccine, your body might feel a little down for a couple of days, but that’s because it’s gearing up to fight the protein. It’ll then destroy the protein and the vaccine will disappear from your body.

But, it will remember that protein and if the COVID enters your body, your immune system attacks and clears things up. You might feel a little down for a short time, but it’ll be a lot better than if your body had never been taught how to fight the virus off.

I’m not really surprised that a bunch of politicians who declared the virus a hoax, refused to wear a mask and attended large gatherings are rushing to the front of the line to get the vaccine. I’m sure they’re telling themselves they’re doing it to show the American people the vaccine is safe and effective. But come on. Hypocrisy is easy to spot.

I think the last time I spent a Christmas alone was 2012 when I had pneumonia. I just sat and watched TV. I don’t remember being too despondent over it, but I also remember thinking I hoped I never had to spend another Christmas not seeing anybody. Oh well.

I’m not sure how everybody will remember this Christmas or if we’ll even want to. But I’m sure we can get something out of it. If your gathering is shrunk down to the people who live in the house, you could use it as an opportunity to reconnect with them if you’ve drifted apart. I guess. Then again, you all might be wildly tired of each other.

However it goes, I hope Santa brings you everything you asked for and that soon we can get out of this and next year we can all make jokes about how Christmas 2020 treated us.

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