I’m not exactly a world traveler, so I don’t know how much the rest of the world matches up with how we feel about things in Tennessee.

For example, one thing I have heard my entire life, from young and old, rich and poor, is that doctors are stupid and don’t know what they’re talking about. And if what I’ve heard from countless people over the years, doctors have killed more grandpa’s and grandma’s than all world wars combined.

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Happy to partner with you to make a billion dollars. I have, in fact, visited hospitals in 34 countries outside of the US and I can assure you that while there are a few excellent hospitals in America (Mayo & Cleveland Clinics, MD Anderson, Augusta Burn Hospital, Duke for transplants, Johns Hopkins for orthopedics, etc. ) most American hospitals would find it difficult competing with the top 25 JCI accredited hospitals abroad. I think the first set of solutions are easily enumerated, but will be difficult pill, if not impossible for most Americans to swallow.. I agree with you that taking personal responsibility for our own health status is paramount.....few Americans feel the need to do so. Then we need universal tort reform with maximum settlements of perhaps $300k, rationing, and mandated international medical tourism for non-emergent, but necessary medications and surgical procedures. We can start with heart valve replacements, CABG, total knee & hip replacements, rotator cuff repair, etc. Tort reform alone will save Americans BILLIONS is defensive medicine costs. Let's start there.

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