A voice against the recent property tax increase

To the editor,

I’m truly concerned about the land tax increase.

I believe this increase will make it harder on land owners — well, harder than it already is — with all the folks who have been out of work and grocery prices on the rise.

Fist, the wheel tax that was supposed to pay for the schools.

To my understanding, that hasn’t been accomplished and it was passed in 1993 and it was only supposed to stay in place until the new schools were paid off.

Since then, we have had an increase on the wheel tax.

Then the lottery was voted in. It was supposed to bring in all this revenue and help our schools. Well, where is all the revenue and help with the schools?

Yes, there is the HOPE Scholarship that helps some children, but not all. I voted against it and still would.

Then there was the sale of alcohol by the drink and liquor stores, which was said to bring in all this revenue and business. Where is it at?

Yes, I voted against that too. I believe it’s a sin, so I don’t approve.

The Bible (God’s Word) says it’s a sin, so it is a sin.

How many families have been torn apart by alcohol abuse? And how many children have suffered because of it?

As a citizen of Monroe County, I ask, how much more is going to be required of us to live here?

I have heard some say, “Well, my land taxes haven’t gone up.” Well, mine have quite a bit the last 20 years. I live in a very small house. I couldn’t imagine the taxes if I lived in a big house.

We already pay a higher tax rate (land) than most surrounding counties. This increase will supersede Cleveland’s taxes across the board. I don’t understand.

This is a small town. Yes, there is tax help, but not everyone qualifies. What about the folks who make a few dollars too much? What happens to them?

Pay taxes or buy food for the family?

It’s truly sad it’s come to this.

I honestly thought I would stay here until the Lord took me home. I’ve told the Lord I will go where You go and stay where You stay. I’ve been praying, “God, do You want me to sell and leave?”

Truth, I thank God for my little house. I worked hard. God knows.

But now I feel like, as a land owner, we are being punished to live here. We are getting taxed every way we turn. This makes me sad.

As a land owner, it was my sweat and tears over the years that were shed. So, before they try to tax Monroe County citizens more, think about what you might lose in the process.

God bless,

Leona Wattenbarger


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