I have lived in all three grand divisions of Tennessee and lived all my life in the Volunteer State.

My point, I’ve seen a lot of football from the Tennessee Titans.

And not all of it was good. There were good moments — winning at Kansas City in the 2018 Wild Card round, a 13-3 season in 2008 and a one seed from that same year.

But that 13 win season was followed with a one and done playoff run with a loss to the Baltimore Ravens. The next season started 0-6. The team seemed stuck at 8-8 and 9-7 for a decade.

There was a long stretch of quarterbacks who struggled to stay healthy and, well, a reason Titans fans still talked about seeing Steve McNair play when it was 2014.

And to top it all off, a former head coach (Jeff Fisher) and former third overall pick in the NFL Draft (Vince Young) took shots at each other every time they got a chance.

It wasn’t fun. Sometimes it didn’t feel like football. It felt like parents fighting at the dinner table while you try to quietly eat.

And this season had the factors to be everything like that. Ryan Tannehill was sacked six times in the season opener, Taylor Lewan got booed by his own fans and a slew of injuries forced head coach Mike Vrabel to use 91 different players. Ninety-one.

And Derrick Henry went down with a broken foot midway through the season. Indianapolis nearly made a miraculous comeback on a divisional title race that felt over in Week 7.

But the Titans kept winning games they needed to. Buffalo came to town and Jeffrey Simmons sat them down.

Kansas City’s visit ended without a Chiefs’ touchdown. Even potential deterrents like losses to the Jets and Texans were undone by a six game win streak in the heart of the schedule.

In the words of coach of the year candidate Vrabel, “don’t do anything to hurt the team.” And guys didn’t.

The defense as a whole had one of the best statistical turnarounds from last season to this while the offense tried to figure out how to play with practice squad wide receivers.

The team just kept winning and that was the problem that they had during those 8-8, and occasional 2-14, years. They weren’t consistent.

Some might say they still aren’t, but you cannot deny they have taken care of business when needed. A second half comeback against the 49ers kept top seed hopes alive, the Titans routed the Dolphins to clinch the division and held off a Texans’ comeback during the second half resurgence of Danny Amendola.

They win games ugly, they win them messy but they win them. That’s all that matters in the NFL — shield your mind from the thoughts of the Titans season left up to a playoff committee.

Now they get a bye and King Henry should be ready to go for the Division round — where the Titans could potentially meet two teams who beat them this season.

I can’t see the future, I don’t know what is going to happen next weekend, but when I’m watching it, I’ll know it feels a long way away from what we’ve seen in the past. And that feels good.

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Noah Houck is the sports editor for the Advocate & Democrat. You can follow him on Twitter at @NoahHouckMCA and e-mail at noah.houck@advocateanddemocrat.com

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